Banish Pitts permanently


Editor: Thank you, thank you for leaving the hateful columns of Leonard Pitts out of your paper, hopefully permanently.

It’s downright scary to think that the majority of calls you received were in favor of Pitts, not surprising, just scary.

Anyway, good job, and keep the Larry Elder and Ann Coulter columns coming.

Patrick Mullaney

St. Augustine Beach

Elder explains issues:

Pitts inflames them

Editor: Pitts has no balance in his writing, Coulter only has some, and Larry Elder is like Thomas Sowell, who had common sense. Elder doesn’t just say it’s dumb or stupid or good, he says why it is dumb or stupid or good.

Ed Creutzberger

St. Augustine

Pitts: Objectivity lost

Editor: Today I read both Leonard Pitts’ and Ann Coulter’s article. I feel that Mr. Pitts has lost objectivity and does not reflect any hope of unity. He appears to always be spoiling for an argument. I agree that Ms. Coulter is very conservative, but it appears to examine a broader perspective and does not make the reader feel like there is no hope for Americans. Reality is somewhere in the middle, but Mr. Pitts appears so bitter that he that he does not open the door for an open and positive discussion.

Brianne Sanders